Closing Wheels for john deere, Case IH, White planters and john deere, case ih air seeders



Pro-Stitch Planter Closing Wheels
Item# PSP750
Available for John Deere, CIH, White & Kinze

Featuring our patented footprint, with a proven yield advantage! PRO-STITCH wheels are recommended to be mounted staggered (one ahead of the other) & 1- 3/4" - 2- 1/4"apart on the bottom of the wheels. The lightest setting is recommended for most soil conditions. PRO-STITCH wheels run out of time due to soil pressure, Creating the perfect Stitch effect while reducing sidewall compaction by fracturing & pushing the seed slot from side to side.

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prostitch closing wheels on john deere planter

CIH Planter Conversion
Item# PSP244

Adapter kit for Case IH planters to convert to dual style closing wheel system! With this kit, closing wheel disks are eliminated, plus adjustable down pressure is added! Can't get the furrow closed? We can help get the job done!

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prostitch closing wheels case ih conversion kit to replace single wheel system

Drill Closing Wheels
Item# PSD100JD

for John Deere(60 & 90 Series)

Featuring all the benefits of the planter closing wheel, plus it'll greatly reduce closing wheel bounce commonly seed in drills. Material is 10X more abrasive resistant that steel and includes a replacable OEM bearing and SS flange.

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prostitch closing wheel on john deere air seeder

Drill Closing Wheels
Item# PSD100

for Case IH PD500 & SDX Series

Our Closing wheels are made o UHMW, Which is 10 times more abrasive resistant than steel. Indestructible as well, they will not break like the OEM Wheels. Just can't seem to get the trench closed? this setup will help drastically.

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prostitch closing wheel on Case IH air seeder and drill

JD 50 Series Drill Conversion
Item# PSK75DR
Item# PSK75DL

Adapter kit to upgrade to a more durable bearing, plus better closing of seed furrow. Wheel can be mounted in rear hole for more aggresive closing. hardware included

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prostitch closing wheel john deere 50 series adapter kit

Seedboot Stabilizer
For John Deere Drills
Item# PS5012(50 Series)
Item# PS6090(60 & 90 Series)

Seed Boot Stabilizer are made of High Strenght Steel, and precisely machined to fit snug in between the two flanges where the seedboot mounts, and adds a precise mounting hole to take away the slack! No drilling is required for this simple installation! (see video) all harware is included plus new mounting bolt.

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seedboot stabilizer to reduce play on john deere air seeder and drills

Bonilla SeedTab

Bonilla SeedTab is a must for precise seed placement! Designed to follow the seed furrow precisely so it will keep seed from blowing out of furrow & act as a seed firmer for better seed to soil contact! Will not break!

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bonilla seedtab for john deere air seeder and drills