Frequently asked questions

Why Pro Stitch?

As farmers ourselves we had a tough time closing the seed slot in tough planting conditions! After several years of trial and error we knew we were on to something when half our corn had a much nicer stand(only one of our planters had the prototype wheels on it) the emergence was very obvious, and one of our neighbors had them for trial in the first year as well, he was back within a week "I am impressed with the wheels & their performance! I even have a name for them "Pro Stitch"! because that's what they do, 'sew the slot shut!' " he said. They still live up to their name today!

How is the perfect stitch achieved?

First of all, planter setup is most important! We recommend to install our wheels in the staggered position(one in the front & one in the back hole) 1 1/2" - 1 3/4" apart on the bottom of wheels(normally a 7/8" spacer is required). When setup this way it hits the furrow closer to the bottom, firmly tucking the seed in place while leaving the top of the furrow looser! Minimum down pressure setting is optimal in most planting conditions!

Do you recommend pairing them with other closing wheels?

NO! first of all we recommend to install our closing wheels as a pair to achieve that perfect stitch! second, our closing wheel is taller than most closing wheels(13" vs. 12") to get a longer life out of our wheels!

Will rocks damage the closing wheels?

NO, they are virtually indestructable! Put them to the test with a sledge hammer!!!

Where can we get replacement bearings if one goes bad?

Our bearings come with a 2 Year Warranty! but replacement can be bought at any John Deere, Kinze & White Dealers(it's a OEM standard bearing). but you can purchase them directly from us too at a very competitive price!

How will it perform in wet and/or tough planting conditions?

We feel we have the ideal setup for those conditions, to perfect planting conditions! thats the main reason we came up with this product! We get a lot of feedback stating, "they really shine in tough planting conditions!"

Any problems with roots, rock or stalks getting caught with the spikes?

First few years of building them we had a problem with that! Then we added the ejector(the small protrusion between the spikes) and that took care of that problem!

Will Pro-Stitch closing wheels bring seed up out of furrow?

Absolutely not! we recommend to install our wheels in a stagerred position and 1 1/2" to 2" apart on bottom, this way the wheels are naturally interlocking and stitching the furrow gently, and also eliminate air pockets!